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Andrade Filho, PA and Letra, A and Cramer, A and Prasad, JL and Garlet, GP and Vieira, AR and Ferris, RL and Menezes, R (2011) Insights from studies with oral cleft genes suggest associations between WNT-pathway genes and risk of oral cancer. Journal of Dental Research, 90 (6). 740 - 746. ISSN 0022-0345


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Irwin, JY and Thyvalikakath, T and Spallek, H and Wali, T and Kerr, AR and Schleyer, T (2011) English and Spanish oral cancer information on the internet: A pilot surface quality and content evaluation of oral cancer Web sites. Journal of Public Health Dentistry, 71 (2). 106 - 116. ISSN 0022-4006

Irwin, Jeannie and Schleyer, Titus and Spallek, Heiko (2011) The dental informatics online community.


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Küchler, EC and Gomes Da Motta, L and Vieira, AR and Granjeiro, JM (2011) Side of dental anomalies and taurodontism as potential clinical markers for cleft subphenotypes. Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal, 48 (1). 103 - 108. ISSN 1055-6656

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Letra, A and Menezes, R and Cooper, ME and Fonseca, RF and Tropp, S and Govil, M and Granjeiro, JM and Imoehl, SR and Mansilla, MA and Murray, JC and Castilla, EE and Orioli, IM and Czeizel, AE and Ma, L and Chiquet, BT and Hecht, JT and Vieira, AR and Marazita, ML (2011) CRISPLD2 variants including a C471T silent mutation may contribute to nonsyndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate. Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal, 48 (4). 363 - 370. ISSN 1055-6656


Nedwick-Castro, Karen A and Vieira, Alexandre R (2011) Failure to Control Caries in an AIDS-Affected Individual: A Case Report. Case Rep Dent, 2012. 643436 - ?.


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Shaffer, JR and Wang, X and Feingold, E and Lee, M and Begum, F and Weeks, DE and Cuenco, KT and Barmada, MM and Wendell, SK and Crosslin, DR and Laurie, CC and Doheny, KF and Pugh, EW and Zhang, Q and Feenstra, B and Geller, F and Boyd, HA and Zhang, H and Melbye, M and Murray, JC and Weyant, RJ and Crout, R and McNeil, DW and Levy, SM and Slayton, RL and Willing, MC and Broffitt, B and Vieira, AR and Marazita, ML (2011) Genome-wide association scan for childhood caries implicates novel genes. Journal of Dental Research, 90 (12). 1457 - 1462. ISSN 0022-0345

Smith, HA and Markovic, N and Matthews, AK and Danielson, ME and Kalro, BN and Youk, AO and Talbott, EO (2011) A Comparison of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Related Factors Between Lesbian and Heterosexual Women. Women's Health Issues, 21 (3). 191 - 198. ISSN 1049-3867


Thompson, Andrew (2011) A Comparison of Soft Tissue Profiles Morphed by Orthodontists and by a Soft Tissue Arc. Master's Thesis, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)


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Vieira, AR and Pliss, L and Pelnena, I and Krumina, A and Baumanis, V and Lace, B (2011) Mitochondrial DNA origins of the Latvian clefting population. Mitochondrion, 11 (2). 357 - 359. ISSN 1567-7249

Vieira, Alexandre R and Deeley, Kathleen B and Callahan, Nicholas F and Noel, Jacqueline B and Anjomshoaa, Ida and Carricato, Wendy M and Schulhof, Louise P and Desensi, Rebecca S and Gandhi, Pooja and Resick, Judith M and Brandon, Carla A and Rozhon, Christopher and Patir, Asli and Yildirim, Mine and Poletta, Fernando A and Mereb, Juan C and Letra, Ariadne and Menezes, Renato and Wendell, Steven and Lopez-Camelo, Jorge S and Castilla, Eduardo E and Orioli, Iêda M and Seymen, Figen and Weyant, Robert J and Crout, Richard and McNeil, Daniel W and Modesto, Adriana and Marazita, Mary L (2011) Detection of Streptococcus mutans Genomic DNA in Human DNA Samples Extracted from Saliva and Blood. ISRN Dent, 2011. 543561 - ?.

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