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Christie, D and Shofer, J and Millard, SP and Li, E and DeMichele-Sweet, MA and Weamer, EA and Kamboh, MI and Lopez, OL and Sweet, RA and Tsuang, D (2012) Genetic association between APOE*4 and neuropsychiatric symptoms in patients with probable Alzheimer's disease is dependent on the psychosis phenotype. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 8.

Graves, JA and Wang, Y and Sims-Lucas, S and Cherok, E and Rothermund, K and Branca, MF and Elster, J and Beer-Stolz, D and van Houten, B and Vockley, J and Prochownik, EV (2012) Mitochondrial structure, function and dynamics are temporally controlled by c-Myc. PLoS ONE, 7 (5).

Grünert, SC and Wendel, U and Lindner, M and Leichsenring, M and Schwab, KO and Vockley, J and Lehnert, W and Ensenauer, R (2012) Clinical and neurocognitive outcome in symptomatic isovaleric acidemia. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, 7 (1).

Henson, BJ and Zhu, W and Hardaway, K and Wetzel, JL and Stefan, M and Albers, KM and Nicholls, RD (2012) Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of spast, the gene most frequently mutated in hereditary spastic paraplegia. PLoS ONE, 7 (5).

Kenny, EE and Pe'er, I and Karban, A and Ozelius, L and Mitchell, AA and Ng, SM and Erazo, M and Ostrer, H and Abraham, C and Abreu, MT and Atzmon, G and Barzilai, N and Brant, SR and Bressman, S and Burns, ER and Chowers, Y and Clark, LN and Darvasi, A and Doheny, D and Duerr, RH and Eliakim, R and Giladi, N and Gregersen, PK and Hakonarson, H and Jones, MR and Marder, K and McGovern, DPB and Mulle, J and Orr-Urtreger, A and Proctor, DD and Pulver, A and Rotter, JI and Silverberg, MS and Ullman, T and Warren, ST and Waterman, M and Zhang, W and Bergman, A and Mayer, L and Katz, S and Desnick, RJ and Cho, JH and Peter, I (2012) A genome-wide scan of ashkenazi jewish crohn's disease suggests novel susceptibility loci. PLoS Genetics, 8 (3). ISSN 1553-7390

Letra, A and Fakhouri, W and Fonseca, RF and Menezes, R and Kempa, I and Prasad, JL and McHenry, TG and Lidral, AC and Moreno, L and Murray, JC and Daack-Hirsch, S and Marazita, ML and Castilla, EE and Lace, B and Orioli, IM and Granjeiro, JM and Schutte, BC and Vieira, AR (2012) Interaction between IRF6 and TGFA Genes Contribute to the Risk of Nonsyndromic Cleft Lip/Palate. PLoS ONE, 7 (9).

McGuire, TF and Sajithlal, GB and Lu, J and Nicholls, RD and Prochownik, EV (2012) In vivo evolution of tumor-derived endothelial cells. PLoS ONE, 7 (5).

Rajkumar, Revathi and Sembrat, John C and McDonough, Barbara and Seidman, Christine E and Ahmad, Ferhaan (2012) Functional effects of the TMEM43 Ser358Leu mutation in the pathogenesis of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy. BMC Medical Genetics, 13 (1).

Shaffer, JR and Feingold, E and Wang, X and TCuenco, K and Weeks, DE and DeSensi, RS and Polk, DE and Wendell, S and Weyant, RJ and Crout, R and McNeil, DW and Marazita, ML (2012) Heritable patterns of tooth decay in the permanent dentition: Principal components and factor analyses. BMC Oral Health, 12 (1).

Shimizu, T and Ho, B and Deeley, K and Briseño-Ruiz, J and Faraco, IM and Schupack, BI and Brancher, JA and Pecharki, GD and Küchler, EC and Tannure, PN and Lips, A and Vieira, TCS and Patir, A and Yildirim, M and Poletta, FA and Mereb, JC and Resick, JM and Brandon, CA and Orioli, IM and Castilla, EE and Marazita, ML and Seymen, F and Costa, MC and Granjeiro, JM and Trevilatto, PC and Vieira, AR (2012) Enamel Formation Genes Influence Enamel Microhardness Before and After Cariogenic Challenge. PLoS ONE, 7 (9).

Sobol, RW (2012) Genome Instability Caused by a Germline Mutation in the Human DNA Repair Gene POLB. PLoS Genetics, 8 (11). ISSN 1553-7390

Wang, X and Lin, Y and Song, C and Sibille, E and Tseng, GC (2012) Detecting disease-associated genes with confounding variable adjustment and the impact on genomic meta-analysis: With application to major depressive disorder. BMC Bioinformatics, 13 (1).

Wang, X and Shaffer, JR and Zeng, Z and Begum, F and Vieira, AR and Noel, J and Anjomshoaa, I and Cuenco, KT and Lee, MK and Beck, J and Boerwinkle, E and Cornelis, MC and Hu, FB and Crosslin, DR and Laurie, CC and Nelson, SC and Doheny, KF and Pugh, EW and Polk, DE and Weyant, RJ and Crout, R and McNeil, DW and Weeks, DE and Feingold, E and Marazita, ML (2012) Genome-wide association Scan of dental caries in the permanent dentition. BMC Oral Health, 12 (1).

University of Pittsburgh ETD

ALKAN, SEVINC (2012) Association of measures of muscle density and SNPs in homologs of muscle function genes in C.elegans. Master's Thesis, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

MAZZACURATI, LUCIA (2012) Development of a New Class of Microrna Controlled OHSV Vectors for Treatment of Glioblastoma. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

Madireddy, Advaitha (2012) Linking The Multiple Functions of XPF-ERCC1 Endonuclease in DNA Repair to Health Outcomes: Cancer and Aging. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

Robinson, Andria R (2012) The Contribution of DNA Interstrand Crosslinks to Aging. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

Talzhanov, Yerkebulan (2012) Computational modeling of the pancreas: lifelong simulations of pancreatitis. Master's Thesis, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

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