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Abdel-Kader, K and Fischer, GS and Johnston, JR and Gu, C and Moore, CG and Unruh, ML (2011) Characterizing pre-dialysis care in the era of eGFR reporting: A cohort study. BMC Nephrology, 12 (1).

Alaee, F and Sugiyama, O and Virk, MS and Tang, Y and Wang, B and Lieberman, JR (2011) In vitro evaluation of a double-stranded self-complementary adeno-associated virus type2 vector in bone marrow stromal cells for bone healing. Genetic Vaccines and Therapy, 9.

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Gajendran, M and Muniraj, T and Yassin, M (2011) Diverticulitis complicated by pylephlebitis: A case report. Journal of Medical Case Reports, 5.


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Molliver, DC and Rau, KK and McIlwrath, SL and Jankowski, MP and Koerber, HR (2011) The ADP receptor P2Y<inf>1 </inf>is necessary for normal thermal sensitivity in cutaneous polymodal nociceptors. Molecular Pain, 7.


Primack, BA and Silk, JS and DeLozier, CR and Shadel, WG and Dillman Carpentier, FR and Dahl, RE and Switzer, GE (2011) Using ecological momentary assessment to determine media use by individuals with and without major depressive disorder. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, 165 (4). 360 - 365. ISSN 1072-4710


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Schelbert, Erik and Testa, Stephen M and Meier, Christopher G and Ceyrolles, William J and Levenson, Joshua and Blair, Alex J and Puntil, Kathy S and Kellman, Peter and Jones, Bobby L and Ludwig, Daniel R and Zhong, Hua and Schwartzman, David and Shroff, Sanjeev G and Wong, Timothy C (2011) Extracellular volume fraction measured by MOLLI: slow infusion versus bolus. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 13 (S1).

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Simpson, KN and Dietz, B and Baran, RW and Garren, KW and Riddler, SA and Bhor, M and Haubrich, RH (2011) Economic modeling of the combined effects of HIV-disease, cholesterol and lipoatrophy based on ACTG 5142 trial data. Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation, 9.


Wang, X and Wang, Y and Lee, SJ and Kim, HP and Choi, AMK and Ryter, SW (2011) Carbon monoxide inhibits Fas activating antibody-induced apoptosis in endothelial cells. Medical Gas Research, 1 (1).

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