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Coccolini, F and Montori, G and Catena, F and Di Saverio, S and Biffl, W and Moore, EE and Peitzman, AB and Rizoli, S and Tugnoli, G and Sartelli, M and Manfredi, R and Ansaloni, L (2015) Liver trauma: WSES position paper. World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 10 (1).

Downs-Canner, Stephanie and Ravindranathan, Roshni and Edwards, Robert P and Kalinski, Pawel and Odunsi, Kunle and Bartlett, David L and Obermajer, Natasa (2015) Ex-Th17 Foxp3+ T cells - a novel subset of Foxp3+ T cells induced in cancer. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, 3 (Suppl ). P273 - P273. ISSN 2051-1426

Gomez, H and Kautza, B and Escobar, D and Nassour, I and Luciano, J and Botero, AM and Gordon, L and Martinez, S and Holder, A and Ogundele, O and Loughran, P and Rosengart, MR and Pinsky, M and Shiva, S and Zuckerbraun, BS (2015) Inhaled carbon monoxide protects against the development of shock and mitochondrial injury following hemorrhage and resuscitation. PLoS ONE, 10 (9).

Hansen, Morten and Wieckowski, Eva and Svane, Inge Marie and Edwards, Robert P and Kalinski, Pawel (2015) Selective costimulation by IL-15R/IL-15, but not IL-2R/IL-2, allows the induction of high numbers of tumor-specific CD8+ T cells by human dendritic cells matured in conditions of acute inflammation. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, 3 (S2).

Haugaa, H and Gómez, H and Maberry, DR and Holder, A and Ogundele, O and Quintero, AMB and Escobar, D and Tønnessen, TI and Airgood, H and Dezfulian, C and Kenny, E and Shiva, S and Zuckerbraun, B and Pinsky, MR (2015) Effects of inhalation of low-dose nitrite or carbon monoxide on post-reperfusion mitochondrial function and tissue injury in hemorrhagic shock swine. Critical Care, 19 (1). ISSN 1364-8535

Hussain, F and Langmead, CJ and Mi, Q and Dutta-Moscato, J and Vodovotz, Y and Jha, SK (2015) Automated parameter estimation for biological models using Bayesian statistical model checking. BMC Bioinformatics, 16 (17).

Liang, Xiaoyan and Wang, Wenqian and Li, Guanqiao and Zhang, Xiaokui and Jankovic, Vladimir and Herzberg, Uri and Hofgartner, Wolfgang and Lotze, Michael T (2015) Efficacy of adoptive transfer of expanded fetal liver-derived precursor syngeneic and allogeneic murine NK cells against solid tumors. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, 3 (S2).

Liao, S and Hartmaier, RJ and McGuire, KP and Puhalla, SL and Luthra, S and Chandran, UR and Ma, T and Bhargava, R and Modugno, F and Davidson, NE and Benz, S and Lee, AV and Tseng, GC and Oesterreich, S (2015) The molecular landscape of premenopausal breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research, 17 (1). ISSN 1465-5411

Logan, GJ and Dabbs, DJ and Lucas, PC and Jankowitz, RC and Brown, DD and Clark, BZ and Oesterreich, S and McAuliffe, PF (2015) Molecular drivers of lobular carcinoma in situ. Breast Cancer Research, 17 (1). ISSN 1465-5411

Macke, RA and Schuchert, MJ and Odell, DD and Wilson, DO and Luketich, JD and Landreneau, RJ (2015) Parenchymal preserving anatomic resections result in less pulmonary function loss in patients with Stage I non-small cell lung cancer. Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery, 10 (1).

Malkin, AD and Sheehan, RP and Mathew, S and Federspiel, WJ and Redl, H and Clermont, G (2015) A Neutrophil Phenotype Model for Extracorporeal Treatment of Sepsis. PLoS Computational Biology, 11 (10). ISSN 1553-734X

Moore, SE and Decker, A and Hubbard, A and Callcut, RA and Fox, EE and Del Junco, DJ and Holcomb, JB and Rahbar, MH and Wade, CE and Schreiber, MA and Alarcon, LH and Brasel, KJ and Bulger, EM and Cotton, BA and Muskat, P and Myers, JG and Phelan, HA and Cohen, MJ (2015) Statistical machines for trauma hospital outcomes research: Application to the PRospective, Observational, Multi-center Major trauma Transfusion (PROMMTT) study. PLoS ONE, 10 (8).

Muthuswamy, R and Wang, L and Pitteroff, J and Gingrich, JR and Kalinski, P (2015) Combination of IFNα and poly-I: C reprograms bladder cancer microenvironment for enhanced CTL attraction. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, 3 (1).

Pardee, AD and Yano, H and Weinstein, AM and Ponce, AAK and Ethridge, AD and Normolle, DP and Vujanovic, L and Mizejewski, GJ and Watkins, SC and Butterfield, LH (2015) Route of antigen delivery impacts the immunostimulatory activity of dendritic cell-based vaccines for hepatocellular carcinoma. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, 3 (1).

Satish, L and Krill-Burger, JM and Gallo, PH and Etages, SD and Liu, F and Philips, BJ and Ravuri, S and Marra, KG and LaFramboise, WA and Kathju, S and Rubin, JP (2015) Expression analysis of human adipose-derived stem cells during in vitro differentiation to an adipocyte lineage. BMC Medical Genomics, 8 (1).

Sinadinos, A and Young, CNJ and Al-Khalidi, R and Teti, A and Kalinski, P and Mohamad, S and Floriot, L and Henry, T and Tozzi, G and Jiang, T and Wurtz, O and Lefebvre, A and Shugay, M and Tong, J and Vaudry, D and Arkle, S and doRego, JC and Górecki, DC (2015) P2RX7 Purinoceptor: A Therapeutic Target for Ameliorating the Symptoms of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. PLoS Medicine, 12 (10). ISSN 1549-1277

Tang, Y and Wang, B (2015) Gene-and stem cell-based therapeutics for cartilage regeneration and repair. Stem Cell Research and Therapy, 6 (1).

Yang, Y and Jiang, G and Zhang, P and Fan, J (2015) Programmed cell death and its role in inflammation. Military Medical Research, 2 (1). ISSN 2095-7467

Ziraldo, C and Solovyev, A and Allegretti, A and Krishnan, S and Henzel, MK and Sowa, GA and Brienza, D and An, G and Mi, Q and Vodovotz, Y (2015) A Computational, Tissue-Realistic Model of Pressure Ulcer Formation in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury. PLoS Computational Biology, 11 (6). ISSN 1553-734X

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