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Azhar, N and Ziraldo, C and Barclay, D and Rudnick, DA and Squires, RH and Vodovotz, Y (2013) Analysis of serum inflammatory mediators identifies unique dynamic networks associated with death and spontaneous survival in pediatric acute liver failure. PLoS ONE, 8 (11).


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Johnson, NR and Wang, Y (2013) Controlled Delivery of Sonic Hedgehog Morphogen and Its Potential for Cardiac Repair. PLoS ONE, 8 (5).


Li, H and Johnson, NR and Usas, A and Lu, A and Poddar, M and wang, Y and Huard, J (2013) Sustained release of bone morphogenetic protein 2 via coacervate improves the osteogenic potential of muscle-derived stem cells. Stem Cells Translational Medicine, 2 (9). 667 - 677. ISSN 2157-6564


Namas, RA and Bartels, J and Hoffman, R and Barclay, D and Billiar, TR and Zamora, R and Vodovotz, Y (2013) Combined In Silico, In Vivo, and In Vitro Studies Shed Insights into the Acute Inflammatory Response in Middle-Aged Mice. PLoS ONE, 8 (7).


Rattray, I and Smith, E and Gale, R and Matsumoto, K and Bates, GP and Modo, M (2013) Correlations of Behavioral Deficits with Brain Pathology Assessed through Longitudinal MRI and Histopathology in the R6/2 Mouse Model of HD. PLoS ONE, 8 (4).

Rattray, I and Smith, EJ and Crum, WR and Walker, TA and Gale, R and Bates, GP and Modo, M (2013) Correlations of behavioral deficits with brain pathology assessed through longitudinal MRI and histopathology in the R6/1 mouse model of huntington's disease. PLoS ONE, 8 (12).

Rimmelé, T and Kaynar, AM and McLaughlin, JN and Bishop, JV and Fedorchak, MV and Chuasuwan, A and Peng, Z and Singbartl, K and Frederick, DR and Zhu, L and Carter, M and Federspiel, WJ and Zeevi, A and Kellum, JA (2013) Leukocyte capture and modulation of cell-mediated immunity during human sepsis: An ex vivo study. Critical Care, 17 (2). ISSN 1364-8535

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Sekiya, N and Tobita, K and Beckman, S and Okada, M and Gharaibeh, B and Sawa, Y and Kormos, RL and Huard, J (2013) Muscle-derived stem cell sheets support pump function and prevent cardiac arrhythmias in a model of chronic myocardial infarction. Molecular Therapy, 21 (3). 662 - 669. ISSN 1525-0016

Solovyev, A and Mi, Q and Tzen, YT and Brienza, D and Vodovotz, Y (2013) Hybrid Equation/Agent-Based Model of Ischemia-Induced Hyperemia and Pressure Ulcer Formation Predicts Greater Propensity to Ulcerate in Subjects with Spinal Cord Injury. PLoS Computational Biology, 9 (5). ISSN 1553-734X


Wheeler, SE and Borenstein, JT and Clark, AM and Ebrahimkhani, M and Fox, IJ and Griffith, L and Inman, W and Lauffenburger, D and Nguyen, T and Pillai, VC and Prantil-Baun, R and Stolz, DB and Taylor, D and Ulrich, T and Venkataramanan, R and Wells, A and Young, C (2013) All-human microphysical model of metastasis therapy. Stem Cell Research and Therapy, 4 (SUPPL.).


Zenker, S and Kim, HK and Clermont, G and Pinsky, MR (2013) Robust model-based quantification of global ventricular torsion from spatially sparse three-dimensional time series data by orthogonal distance regression: Evaluation in a canine animal model under different pacing regimes. PACE - Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology, 36 (1). 13 - 23. ISSN 0147-8389

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Ziraldo, C and Vodovotz, Y and Namas, RA and Almahmoud, K and Tapias, V and Mi, Q and Barclay, D and Jefferson, BS and Chen, G and Billiar, TR and Zamora, R (2013) Central role for MCP-1/CCL2 in injury-induced inflammation revealed by in vitro, in silico, and clinical studies. PLoS ONE, 8 (12).

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