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Aneja, RK and Sjodin, H and Gefter, JV and Zingarelli, B and Delude, RL (2011) Small interfering RNA mediated poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 inhibition upregulates the heat shock response in a murine fibroblast cell line. Journal of Inflammation, 8.


Bartholow, TL and Becich, MJ and Chandran, UR and Parwani, AV (2011) Immunohistochemical analysis of ezrin-radixin-moesin-binding phosphoprotein 50 in prostatic adenocarcinoma. BMC Urology, 11.

Bartholow, TL and Chandran, UR and Becich, MJ and Parwani, AV (2011) Immunohistochemical profiles of claudin-3 in primary and metastatic prostatic adenocarcinoma. Diagnostic Pathology, 6 (1).

Bartholow, TL and Chandran, UR and Becich, MJ and Parwani, AV (2011) Immunohistochemical staining of radixin and moesin in prostatic adenocarcinoma. BMC Clinical Pathology, 11. ISSN 1472-6890

Bavagnoli, L and Dundon, WG and Garbelli, A and Zecchin, B and Milani, A and Parakkal, G and Baldanti, F and Paolucci, S and Volmer, R and Tu, Y and Wu, C and Capua, I and Maga, G (2011) The PDZ-ligand and Src-homology type 3 domains of epidemic avian influenza virus NS1 protein modulate human Src kinase activity during viral infection. PLoS ONE, 6 (11).


Cooney, Craig A and Jousheghany, Fariba and Yao-Borengasser, Aiwei and Phanavanh, Bounleut and Gomes, Tina and Kieber-Emmons, Ann Marie and Siegel, Eric R and Suva, Larry J and Ferrone, Soldano and Kieber-Emmons, Thomas and Monzavi-Karbassi, Behjatolah (2011) Chondroitin sulfates play a major role in breast cancer metastasis: a role for CSPG4 and CHST11gene expression in forming surface P-selectin ligands in aggressive breast cancer cells. Breast Cancer Research, 13 (3).


Dettmer, Matthias and Itin, Peter and Miny, Peter and Gandhi, Manoj and Cathomas, Gieri and Willi, Niels (2011) Giant ectopic liver, hepatocellular carcinoma and pachydermia-a rare genetic syndrome? Diagnostic Pathology, 6 (1). 75 - 75. ISSN 1746-1596

Donthamsetty, S and Mars, WM and Orr, A and Wu, C and Michalopoulos, GK (2011) Protection against Fas-induced fulminant hepatic failure in liver specific integrin linked kinase knockout mice. Comparative Hepatology, 10.


Jankowitz, RC and Cooper, K and Erlander, MG and Ma, XJ and Kesty, NC and Li, H and Chivukula, M and Brufsky, A (2011) Prognostic utility of the breast cancer index and comparison to Adjuvant! Online in a clinical case series of early breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research, 13 (5). ISSN 1465-5411

Jian, P and Li, ZW and Fang, TY and Jian, W and Zhuan, Z and Mei, LX and Yan, WS and Jian, N (2011) Retinoic acid induces HL-60 cell differentiation via the upregulation of miR-663. Journal of Hematology and Oncology, 4.

Jian, Pan and Yanfang, Tao and Zhuan, Zhou and Jian, Wang and Xueming, Zhu and Jian, Ni (2011) MMP28 (epilysin) as a novel promoter of invasion and metastasis in gastric cancer. BMC CANCER, 11. ISSN 1471-2407


Krasowski, Matthew D and Ai, Ni and Hagey, Lee R and Kollitz, Erin M and Kullman, Seth W and Reschly, Erica J and Ekins, Sean (2011) The evolution of farnesoid X, vitamin D, and pregnane X receptors: insights from the green-spotted pufferfish (Tetraodon nigriviridis) and other non-mammalian species. BMC Biochemistry, 12 (1). 5 - 5. ISSN 1471-2091


Latzka, Julia and Gaier, Sonja and Hofstetter, Gerlinde and Balazs, Nina and Smole, Ursula and Ferrone, Soldano and Scheiner, Otto and Breiteneder, Heimo and Pehamberger, Hubert and Wagner, Stefan (2011) Specificity of mimotope-induced anti-high molecular weight-melanoma associated antigen (HMW-MAA) antibodies does not ensure biological activity. PLoS One, 6 (5). e19383 - ?.

Li, X and LeBlanc, J and Truong, A and Vuthoori, R and Chen, SS and Lustgarten, JL and Roth, B and Allard, J and Ippoliti, A and Presley, LL and Borneman, J and Bigbee, WL and Gopalakrishnan, V and Graeber, TG and Elashoff, D and Braun, J and Goodglick, L (2011) A metaproteomic approach to study human-microbial ecosystems at the mucosal luminal interface. PLoS ONE, 6 (11).

Lisovich, A and Chandran, UR and Lyons-Weiler, MA and LaFramboise, WA and Brown, AR and Jakacki, RI and Pollack, IF and Sobol, RW (2011) A novel SNP analysis method to detect copy number alterations with an unbiased reference signal directly from tumor samples. BMC Medical Genomics, 4.


McDonald, AC and Jenkins, FJ and Bunker, CH and Wilson, JW and Patrick, AL and Weissfeld, JL (2011) A case-cohort study of human herpesvirus 8 seropositivity and incident prostate cancer in Tobago. Infectious Agents and Cancer, 6 (1).


Nalesnik, Michael and Ison, (2011) Organ transplantation from deceased donors with cancer: is it safe? Open Access Surgery. 11 - 11.


Pan, J and Sun, LC and Tao, YF and Zhou, Z and Du, XL and Peng, L and Feng, X and Wang, J and Li, YP and Liu, L and Wu, SY and Zhang, YL and Hu, SY and Zhao, WL and Zhu, XM and Lou, GL and Ni, J (2011) ATP synthase ecto-α-subunit: A novel therapeutic target for breast cancer. Journal of Translational Medicine, 9 (1).

Pandrea, I and Gaufin, T and Gautam, R and Kristoff, J and Mandell, D and Montefiori, D and Keele, BF and Ribeiro, RM and Veazey, RS and Apetrei, C (2011) Functional cure of sivagm infection in rhesus macaques results in complete recovery of CD4 <sup>+</sup>T cells and is reverted by CD8 <sup>+</sup> cell depletion. PLoS Pathogens, 7 (8). ISSN 1553-7366


Ramsgaard, L and Englert, JM and Manni, ML and Milutinovic, PS and Gefter, J and Tobolewski, J and Crum, L and Coudriet, GM and Piganelli, J and Zamora, R and Vodovotz, Y and Enghild, JJ and Oury, TD (2011) Lack of the receptor for advanced glycation end-products attenuates e. coli pneumonia in mice. PLoS ONE, 6 (5).


Srinivasan, M and Parwani, AV (2011) Diagnostic utility of p63/P501S double sequential immunohistochemical staining in differentiating urothelial carcinoma from prostate carcinoma. Diagnostic Pathology, 6 (1).


Vazquez, A and Markert, EK and Oltvai, ZN (2011) Serine biosynthesis with one carbon catabolism and the glycine cleavage system represents a novel pathway for ATP generation. PLoS ONE, 6 (11).

Vazquez, A and Oltvai, ZN (2011) Molecular crowding defines a common origin for the warburg effect in proliferating cells and the lactate threshold in muscle physiology. PLoS ONE, 6 (4).

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