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Cassino, TR and Drowley, L and Okada, M and Beckman, SA and Keller, B and Tobita, K and Leduc, PR and Huard, J (2012) Mechanical loading of stem cells for improvement of transplantation outcome in a model of acute myocardial infarction: The role of loading history. Tissue Engineering - Part A, 18 (11-12). 1101 - 1108. ISSN 1937-3341


Demirkol, D and Yildizdas, D and Bayrakci, B and Karapinar, B and Kendirli, T and Koroglu, TF and Dursun, O and Erkek, N and Gedik, H and Citak, A and Kesici, S and Karabocuoglu, M and Carcillo, JA (2012) Hyperferritinemia in the critically ill child with secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis/sepsis/multiple organ dysfunction syndrome/macrophage activation syndrome: What is the treatment? Critical Care, 16 (2). ISSN 1364-8535


Forno, E and Cloutier, MM and Datta, S and Paul, K and Sylvia, J and Calvert, D and Thornton-Thompson, S and Wakefield, DB and Brehm, J and Hamilton, RG and Alvarez, M and Colón-Semidey, A and Acosta-Pérez, E and Canino, G and Celedón, JC (2012) Mouse allergen, lung function, and atopy in Puerto Rican children. PLoS ONE, 7 (7).


Grünert, SC and Wendel, U and Lindner, M and Leichsenring, M and Schwab, KO and Vockley, J and Lehnert, W and Ensenauer, R (2012) Clinical and neurocognitive outcome in symptomatic isovaleric acidemia. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, 7 (1).


Henderson, Wendy A. and Martino, Angela C. and Kitamura, Noriko and Kim, Kevin H. and Erlen, Judith A. (2012) Symptom Status Predicts Patient Outcomes in Persons with HIV and Comorbid Liver Disease. AIDS Research and Treatment, 2012. pp. 1-11. ISSN 2090-1240

Huppler, AR and Bishu, S and Gaffen, SL (2012) Mucocutaneous candidiasis: The IL-17 pathway and implications for targeted immunotherapy. Arthritis Research and Therapy, 14 (4). ISSN 1478-6354


Khabour, OF and Alzoubi, KH and Eissenberg, T and Mehrotra, P and Azab, M and Carroll, MV and Afifi, RA and Primack, BA (2012) Waterpipe tobacco and cigarette smoking among university students in Jordan. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, 16 (7). 986 - 992. ISSN 1027-3719


Li, Suzanne C and Fuhlbrigge, Robert C and Dedeoglu, Fatma and Ferguson, Polly J and Higgins, Gloria C and Hong, Sandy D and Jacobe, Heidi and Lasky, Andrew and Laxer, Ronald M and Morris, Mimi C and Pope, Elena and Rabinovich, C Egla and Torok, Kathryn S (2012) Developing juvenile localized scleroderma (jLS) consensus treatment regimens for comparative effectiveness studies. Pediatric Rheumatology, 10 (S1).


Marshal, MP and Sucato, G and Stepp, SD and Hipwell, A and Smith, HA and Friedman, MS and Chung, T and Markovic, N (2012) Substance Use and Mental Health Disparities among Sexual Minority Girls: Results from the Pittsburgh Girls Study. Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, 25 (1). 15 - 18. ISSN 1083-3188

Meszaros, LB and Usas, A and Cooper, GM and Huard, J (2012) Effect of host sex and sex hormones on muscle-derived stem cell-mediated bone formation and defect healing. Tissue Engineering - Part A, 18 (17-18). 1751 - 1759. ISSN 1937-3341


Okada, M and Payne, TR and Drowley, L and Jankowski, RJ and Momoi, N and Beckman, S and Chen, WCW and Keller, BB and Tobita, K and Huard, J (2012) Human skeletal muscle cells with a slow adhesion rate after isolation and an enhanced stress resistance improve function of ischemic hearts. Molecular Therapy, 20 (1). 138 - 145. ISSN 1525-0016

Oleszczuk, M and Fernandes, RM and Thomson, D and Shaikh, N (2012) The cochrane library and acute otitis media in children: An overview of reviews. Evidence-Based Child Health, 7 (2). 393 - 402.


Primack, BA and Carroll, MV and McNamara, M and Klem, ML and King, B and Rich, M and Chan, CW and Nayak, S (2012) Role of video games in improving health-related outcomes: A systematic review. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 42 (6). 630 - 638. ISSN 0749-3797

Primack, BA and Hendricks, KM and Longacre, MR and Adachi-Mejia, AM and Weiss, JE and Titus, LJ and Beach, ML and Dalton, MA (2012) Parental efficacy and child behavior in a community sample of children with and without attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders, 4 (4). 189 - 197. ISSN 1866-6116

Primack, BA and Hopkins, M and Hallett, C and Carroll, MV and Zeller, M and Dachille, K and Kim, KH and Fine, MJ and Donohue, JM (2012) US health policy related to hookah tobacco smoking. American Journal of Public Health, 102 (9). ISSN 0090-0036

Primack, BA and Kim, KH and Shensa, A and Sidani, JE and Barnett, TE and Switzer, GE (2012) Tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol use in university students: A cluster analysis.

Primack, BA and Longacre, MR and Beach, ML and Adachi-Mejia, AM and Titus, LJ and Dalton, MA (2012) Association of established smoking among adolescents with timing of exposure to smoking depicted in movies. Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 104 (7). 549 - 555. ISSN 0027-8874

Primack, BA and Nuzzo, E and Rice, KR and Sargent, JD (2012) Alcohol brand appearances in US popular music. Addiction, 107 (3). 557 - 566. ISSN 0965-2140

Primack, BA and Rice, KR and Shensa, A and Carroll, MV and Depenna, EJ and Nakkash, R and Barnett, TE (2012) U.S. hookah tobacco smoking establishments advertised on the internet. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 42 (2). 150 - 156. ISSN 0749-3797

Primack, BA and Roberts, T and Fine, MJ and Dillman Carpentier, FR and Rice, KR and Barnato, AE (2012) ER vs. ED: A comparison of televised and real-life emergency medicine. Journal of Emergency Medicine, 43 (6). 1160 - 1166. ISSN 0736-4679


Salgado, MV and Pérez-stable, EJ and Primack, BA and Kaplan, CP and Mejia, RM and Gregorich, SE and Alderete, E (2012) Association of media literacy with cigarette smoking among youth in Jujuy, Argentina. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 14 (5). 516 - 521. ISSN 1462-2203

Selivanov, VA and Cascante, M and Friedman, M and Schumaker, MF and Trucco, M and Votyakova, TV (2012) Multistationary and Oscillatory Modes of Free Radicals Generation by the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Revealed by a Bifurcation Analysis. PLoS Computational Biology, 8 (9). ISSN 1553-734X

Shadel, WG and Martino, SC and Setodji, C and Haviland, A and Primack, BA and Scharf, D (2012) Motives for smoking in movies affect future smoking risk in middle school students: An experimental investigation. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 123 (1-3). 66 - 71. ISSN 0376-8716

Shaikh, N and Hoberman, A and Rockette, HE and Kurs-Lasky, M (2012) Development of an algorithm for the diagnosis of otitis media. Academic Pediatrics, 12 (3). 214 - 218. ISSN 1876-2859

Shaikh, N and Swaminathan, N and Hooper, EG (2012) Accuracy and precision of the signs and symptoms of streptococcal pharyngitis in children: A systematic review. Journal of Pediatrics, 160 (3). ISSN 0022-3476

Shaikh, N and Wald, ER and Pi, M (2012) Decongestants, antihistamines and nasal irrigation for acute sinusitis in children. Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online), 9.


Tunno, BJ and Shields, KN and Lioy, P and Chu, N and Kadane, JB and Parmanto, B and Pramana, G and Zora, J and Davidson, C and Holguin, F and Clougherty, JE (2012) Understanding intra-neighborhood patterns in PM<inf>2.5</inf> and PM <inf>10</inf> using mobile monitoring in Braddock, PA. Environmental Health: A Global Access Science Source, 11 (1).


Wozniak, KL and Kolls, JK and Wormley, FL (2012) Depletion of neutrophils in a protective model of pulmonary cryptococcosis results in increased IL-17A production by gamma/delta T cells. BMC Immunology, 13.

Wu, Eveline and Rabinovich, Egla C and Torok, Kathryn S and Li, Suzanne C and Fuhlbrigge, Robert C and Investigators, CARRAnet (2012) Description of the localized scleroderma subgroup of CARRAnet. Pediatric Rheumatology, 10 (S1).


Zheng, B and Chen, CW and Li, G and Thompson, SD and Poddar, M and Péault, B and Huard, J (2012) Isolation of Myogenic Stem Cells from Cultures of Cryopreserved Human Skeletal Muscle. Cell Transplantation, 21 (6). 1087 - 1093. ISSN 0963-6897

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