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May, Kari (2022) Format Agnostic Archival Processing: Using One Standard for All. Pennsylvania Libraries: Research & Practice, 10 (2). 29 - 33.

Egler, Peter J (2022) An Introduction to Pennsylvania Legal Research for Academic Librarians and Researchers. Pennsylvania Libraries: Research & Practice, 10 (2). 34 - 39.

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Lois, Robert and Cole, Daniel (2022) Designing Secure and Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems Using Formal Models. (Submitted)

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Madison, Michael J. and Frischmann, Brett M. and Sanfilippo, Madelyn R. and Strandburg, Katherine J. (2022) Too Much of a Good Thing? A Governing Knowledge Commons Review of Abundance in Context. Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics, 7 (959505).

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Espinal, Alexis and Epperly, Michael W. and Mukherjee, Amitava and Fisher, Renee and Shields, Donna and Wang, Hong and Huq, M. Saiful and Hamade, Diala Fatima and Vlad, Anda M. and Coffman, Lan and Buckanovich, Ronald and Yu, Jian and Leibowitz, Brian J. and van Pijkeren, Jan-Peter and Patel, Ravi B. and Stolz, Donna and Watkins, Simon and Ejaz, Asim and Greenberger, Joel S. (2022) Intestinal Radiation Protection and Mitigation by Second-Generation Probiotic Lactobacillus-reuteri Engineered to Deliver Interleukin-22. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (10). p. 5616. ISSN 1422-0067

Yang, Siqiang and Ripoll, Marla (2022) The Patterns of Parental Intervivos Transfers to Adult Children. (Submitted)

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Kiner, Renee and Hammons, Jane and Kamper, Elizabeth (2022) Exploring and Engaging with the ACRL Framework Sandbox.

Putnam, Lara (2022) Facebook Has a Child Predation Problem. Wired. ISSN 1078-3148

Lu, Yunxing and Spencer-Williams, Isaiah and Chang, Nina and Bunger, Andrew (2022) Experimental Study of Genesis of a Geologically Activated and Self-Sealing Cementing Material for Deep Wellbore Plugging and Abandonment. (Submitted)

Danz, David and Vesterlund, Lise and Wilson, Alistair J (2022) Belief Elicitation and Behavioral Incentive Compatibility. American Economic Review. (In Press)

Boczon, Marta and Wilson, Alistair (2022) Goals, Constraints, and Transparently Fair Assignments: A Field Study of Randomization Design in the UEFA Champions League. Management Science. (In Press)

Piening, Brian D and Dowdell, Alexa K and Zhang, Mengqi and Loza, Bao-Li and Walls, David and Gao, Hui and Mohebnasab, Maede and Li, Yun Rose and Elftmann, Eric and Wei, Eric and Gandla, Divya and Lad, Hetal and Chaib, Hassan and Sweitzer, Nancy K and Deng, Mario and Pereira, Alexandre C and Cadeiras, Martin and Shaked, Abraham and Snyder, Michael P and Keating, Brendan J (2022) Whole transcriptome profiling of prospective endomyocardial biopsies reveals prognostic and diagnostic signatures of cardiac allograft rejection. J Heart Lung Transplant, 41 (6). 840 - 848.

Deig, Christopher Ryan and Sutton, Thomas Lee and Beneville, Blake and Trone, Kristin and Stratton, Amanda and Gunesch, Ali N and Liu, Amy Ivy and Alrohaibani, Alaaeddin and Mohebnasab, Maedeh and Bassale, Solange and Grossblatt-Wait, Alison and Keith, Dove and Attia, Fouad and Gilbert, Erin W and Lopez, Charles D and Kardosh, Adel and Chen, Emerson Y and Bensch, Kenneth G and Nabavizadeh, Nima and Thomas, Charles R and Mayo, Skye C and Sheppard, Brett C and Grossberg, Aaron (2022) Neoadjuvant Therapy Is Associated with Improved Chemotherapy Delivery and Overall Survival Compared to Upfront Resection in Pancreatic Cancer without Increasing Perioperative Complications. Cancers (Basel), 14 (3). ISSN 2072-6694

Ratajeski, Melissa A and Miller, Rebekah S (2022) Adapting to Changes in Publishing When Searching for Alternatives and Reporting on Animal Research: A Librarian's Perspective. Altern Lab Anim, 50 (1). 57 - 61. ISSN 0261-1929

Xiao, Cheng-Nian and Senocak, Inanc (2022) Impact of Stratification Mechanisms on Turbulent Characteristics of Stable Open-Channel Flows. JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES, 79 (1). 205 - 225. ISSN 0022-4928

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Orman, Meghan and Wanless, Shannon (2022) Investigating the Relationship Between Public Libraries and Community Indicators in Pennsylvania. Investigating the Relationship Between Public Libraries and Community Indicators in Pennsylvania.

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Riley, Shane and Wielgosz, Sarah and Yu, Kevin and Durka, Michael and Nesmith, Bill and Drymiotis, Fivos and Fleurial, Jean-Pierre and Barry, Matthew (2022) Optimization Methods for Segmented Thermoelectric Generators. ASTFE Digital Library. pp. 1381-1393. ISSN 2379-1748

Stumpp, Daniel C and Akolkar, Himanshu and George, Alan D and Benosman, Ryad B (2022) hARMS: A Hardware Acceleration Architecture for Real-Time Event-Based Optical Flow. IEEE ACCESS, 10. 58181 - 58198. ISSN 2169-3536

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