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Bialostosky, Don H (1982) Literary "Romanticism" and "Modernism" in Robert Langbaum's Poetry of Experience and Northrop Frye's Anatomy of Criticism. Cahiers roumains d'études littéraires, 1. 110 - 117.

Bialostosky, Don H (1982) Narrative Diction in Wordsworth's Poetics of Speech. Comparative Literature, 34 (4). 305 - 329. ISSN 0010-4124

Bialostosky, Don H (1982) Narrative Irony and the Pleasure Principle in "Anecdote for Fathers" and "We Are Seven". The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, 81 (2). 227 - 243. ISSN 0363-6941

Bienenstock, EL and Cooper, LN and Munro, PW (1982) Theory for the development of neuron selectivity: Orientation specificity and binocular interaction in visual cortex. Journal of Neuroscience, 2 (1). 32 - 48. ISSN 0270-6474


Cohn, ER and Garver, KL and Metz, HC and McWilliams, BJ and Skolnick, ML and Garrett, WS (1982) Velopharyngeal incompetence in a patient with multifocal eosinophilic granuloma (Hand-Schuller-Christian disease). Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders, 47 (3). 320 - 323. ISSN 0022-4677


Earman, John and Glymour, Clark and Rynasiewicz, Robert (1982) On Writing the History of Special Relativity. In: PSA: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, 1982 - 1982.


Francavilla, A and Ove, P and Wu, SK (1982) Extraction of hepatic stimulatory activity (HSA) from (adult) rat liver following T3 injection. Hepatology, 2 (5). ISSN 0270-9139


Gallagher, Robert P. (1982) Urban Counseling Center Survey and Directory 1982. Project Report. UNSPECIFIED.

Griffith, BP and Hardesty, RL and Deeb, GM and Starzl, TE and Bahnson, HT (1982) Cardiac transplantation with cyclosporin A and prednisone. Annals of Surgery, 196 (3). 324 - 329. ISSN 0003-4932


Iwatsuki, S and Iwaki, Y and Klintmalm, G and Kano, T and Krams, A-K and Starzl, TE (1982) Lymphapheresis in organ transplantation: Preliminary report. In: UNSPECIFIED Alan R Liss, Inc., 219 - 226. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Iwatsuki, S and Klintmalm, GBG and Starzl, TE (1982) Total hepatectomy and liver replacement (orthotopic liver transplantation) for primary hepatic malignancy. World Journal of Surgery, 6 (1). 81 - 85. ISSN 0364-2313

Iwatsuki, S and Starzl, TE (1982) Hepatectomy in children. International Advances in Surgical Oncology, 5. 163 - 171. ISSN 0190-1575


Klintmalm, GBG and Klingensmith, WC and Iwatsuki, S and Schroter, GPJ and Starzl, TE (1982) 99mTC-DTPA and 131I-Hippuran findings in liver transplant recipients treated with cyclosporine A1. Radiology, 142. 199 - 202. ISSN 0033-8419

Klintmalm, GBG and Starzl, TE and Iwatsuki, S and Hakala, T (1982) Cyclosporin A and kidney transplantation: Present status of a partially randomized trial. Transplantation Proceedings, 14 (1). 98 - 99. ISSN 0041-1345


Lilly, JR and Starzl, TE (1982) Liver gallbladder and extrahepatic bile ducts. In: Complications of Pediatric Surgery - Prevention and Management. WB Saunders Company, Philadelphia, PA, 237 - 255. ISBN UNSPECIFIED


Norton, John D. and Saunders, J (1982) Einstein, Light Signals and the ε-Decision. In: What? Where? When? Why?: Essays in Induction, Space and Time, Explanation. Australasian studies in history and philosophy of science, 1 . D. Reidel Pub. Co, Dordrecht, Holland ; Boston, 101 - 127. ISBN 9027713375


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Singh, G and Rabin, BS and Thompson, ME and Hardesty, R and Griffith, B and Bahnson, HT and Starzl, T (1982) Positive, warm T cell crossmatch in cardiac transplantation: With transient vasculitis and without hyperacute rejection. Transplantation, 33 (5). 564 - 566. ISSN 0041-1337

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Starzl, TE (1982) The future of renal transplantation. In: Controversies In Nephrology. Nephrology Division, Georgetown University, Washington DC, 341 - 344. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Starzl, TE and Hakala, TR and Iwatsuki, S and Rosenthal, TJ and Shaw, BW and Klintmalm, GBG and Porter, KA (1982) Cyclosporin A and steroid treatment in 104 cadaveric renal transplantations. In: Cyclosporin A. Elsevier Biomedical Press, Amsterdam, 365 - 377. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Starzl, TE and Hakala, TR and Rosenthal, JT and Iwatsuki, S and Shaw, BW (1982) Variable convalescence and therapy after cadaveric renal transplantation under cyclosporin A and steroids. Surgery Gynecology and Obstetrics, 154 (6). 819 - 825. ISSN 0039-6087

Starzl, TE and Iwatsuki, S (1982) Transplantation of the liver. In: Diseases of the Liver, 5th Edition. JB Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, PA, 1251 - 1264. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Starzl, TE and Iwatsuki, S and Bahnson, HB and Van Thiel, DH and Hardesty, R and Griffith, B and Shaw, BW and Klintmalm, GBG and Porter, KA (1982) Cyclosporin A and steroids for liver and heart transplantation. In: Cyclosporin A. Elsevier Biomedical Press, Amsterdam, 431 - 436. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

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Starzl, TE and Klintmalm, GBG and Iwatsuki, S (1982) The true one-handed tie. Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics, 154. 576 - ?. ISSN 0039-6087


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