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Ascierto, PA and Napolitano, M and Celentano, E and Simeone, E and Gentilcore, G and Daponte, A and Capone, M and Caracò, C and Calemma, R and Beneduce, G and Cerrone, M and De Rosa, V and Palmieri, G and Castello, G and Kirkwood, JM and Marincola, FM and Mozzillo, N (2010) Regulatory T cell frequency in patients with melanoma with different disease stage and course, and modulating effects of high-dose interferon-α 2b treatment. Journal of Translational Medicine, 8.

Azab, M and Khabour, OF and Alkaraki, AK and Eissenberg, T and Alzoubi, KH and Primack, BA (2010) Water pipe tobacco smoking among university students in Jordan. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 12 (6). 606 - 612. ISSN 1462-2203


Butterfield, LH and Disis, ML and Khleif, SN and Balwit, JM and Marincola, FM (2010) Immuno-Oncology biomarkers 2010 and beyond: Perspectives from the iSBTc/SITC biomarker task force. Journal of Translational Medicine, 8.


Chi, Nina and Maranchie, Jodi K and Appleman, Leonard J and Storkus, Walter J (2010) UPDATE ON VACCINE DEVELOPMENT FOR RENAL CELL CANCER. Open Access J Urol, 2010 (2). 125 - 141. ISSN 1179-1551

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Clendenen, TV and Arslan, AA and Lokshin, AE and Idahl, A and Hallmans, G and Koenig, KL and Marrangoni, AM and Nolen, BM and Ohlson, N and Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, A and Lundin, E (2010) Temporal reliability of cytokines and growth factors in EDTA plasma. BMC Research Notes, 3.


Dilmore, TC and Rubio, DMG and Cohen, E and Seltzer, D and Switzer, GE and Bryce, C and Primack, B and Fine, MJ and Kapoor, WN (2010) Psychometric properties of the mentor role instrument when used in an academic medicine setting. Clinical and Translational Science, 3 (3). 104 - 108. ISSN 1752-8054


Frei, CR and Mortensen, EM and Copeland, LA and Attridge, RT and Pugh, MJV and Restrepo, MI and Anzueto, A and Nakashima, B and Fine, MJ (2010) Disparities of care for african-americans and caucasians with community-acquired pneumonia: A retrospective cohort study. BMC Health Services Research, 10.


Gary-Webb, TL and Baptiste-Roberts, K and Pham, L and Wesche-Thobaben, J and Patricio, J and Pi-Sunyer, FX and Brown, AF and Jones, L and Brancati, FL (2010) Neighborhood and weight-related health behaviors in the Look AHEAD (Action for Health in Diabetes) Study. BMC Public Health, 10.

Gogas, H and Dafni, U and Koon, H and Spyropoulou-Vlachou, M and Metaxas, Y and Buchbinder, E and Pectasides, E and Tsoutsos, D and Polyzos, A and Stratigos, A and Markopoulos, C and Panagiotou, P and Fountzilas, G and Castana, O and Skarlos, P and Atkins, MB and Kirkwood, JM (2010) Evaluation of six CTLA-4 polymorphisms in high-risk melanoma patients receiving adjuvant interferon therapy in the He13A/98 multicenter trial. Journal of Translational Medicine, 8.

Gold, MA and Sheftel, AV and Chiappetta, L and Young, AJ and Zuckoff, A and DiClemente, CC and Primack, BA (2010) Associations between Religiosity and Sexual and Contraceptive Behaviors. Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, 23 (5). 290 - 297. ISSN 1083-3188

Greer, JB and Yazer, MH and Raval, JS and Michael Barmada, M and Brand, RE and Whitcomb, DC (2010) Significant association between ABO blood group and pancreatic cancer. World Journal of Gastroenterology, 16 (44). 5588 - 5591. ISSN 1007-9327


Hausmann, Leslie Rm and Ren, Dianxu and Sevick, Mary Ann (2010) Racial differences in diabetes-related psychosocial factors and glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes. Patient Prefer Adherence, 4. 291 - 299.

Hsu, FC and Rejeski, WJ and Ip, EH and Katula, JA and Fielding, R and Jette, AM and Studenski, SA and Blair, SN and Miller, ME (2010) Evaluation of the late life disability instrument in the lifestyle interventions and independence for elders pilot (LIFE-P) study. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 8.

Huang, CS and Kawamura, T and Lee, S and Tochigi, N and Shigemura, N and Buchholz, BM and Kloke, JD and Billiar, TR and Toyoda, Y and Nakao, A (2010) Hydrogen inhalation ameliorates ventilator-induced lung injury. Critical Care, 14 (6). ISSN 1364-8535

Huang, SS and Avery, TR and Song, Y and Elkins, KR and Nguyen, CC and Nutter, SK and Nafday, AA and Condon, CJ and Chang, MT and Chrest, D and Boos, J and Bobashev, G and Wheaton, W and Frank, SA and Platt, R and Lipsitch, M and Bush, RM and Eubank, S and Burke, DS and Lee, BY (2010) Quantifying interhospital patient sharing as a mechanism for infectious disease spread. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, 31 (11). 1160 - 1169. ISSN 0899-823X


John, E and Laskow, TC and Buchser, WJ and Pitt, BR and Basse, PH and Butterfield, LH and Kalinski, P and Lotze, MT (2010) Zinc in innate and adaptive tumor immunity. Journal of Translational Medicine, 8.


Kim, SC and Becker, S and Dieffenbach, C and Hanewall, BS and Hankins, C and Lo, YR and Mellors, JW and O'Reilly, K and Paxton, L and Roffenbender, JS and Warren, M and Piot, P and Dybul, MR (2010) Planning for pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV transmission: Challenges and opportunities. Journal of the International AIDS Society, 13 (1).

Koerber, HR and McIlwrath, SL and Lawson, JJ and Malin, SA and Anderson, CE and Jankowski, MP and Davis, BM (2010) Cutaneous C-polymodal fibers lacking TRPV1 are sensitized to heat following inflammation, but fail to drive heat hyperalgesia in the absence of TPV1 containing C-heat fibers. Molecular Pain, 6. ISSN 1744-8069

Koon, Henry B and Honda, Kord and Lee, Jeannette Y and Christner, Susan M and Egorin, Merrill J and Noy, Ariela (2010) Phase II AIDS Malignancy Consortium (AMC) trial of imatinib in AIDS-associated Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS). Infectious Agents and Cancer, 5 (A61). ISSN 1750-9378

Krown, Susan E and Fingleton, Barbara and Lee, Jeannette Y and Egorin, Merrill J and Koon, Henry B (2010) Phase II AIDS Malignancy Consortium (AMC) trial of topical halofuginone in AIDS-associated Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS): clinical and biological effects using a novel intra-patient control design. Infectious Agents and Cancer, 5 (A62). ISSN 1750-9378


Lee, BY and Brown, ST and Cooley, P and Grefenstette, JJ and Zimmerman, RK and Zimmer, SM and Potter, MA and Rosenfeld, R and Wheaton, WD and Wiringa, AE and Bacon, KM and Burke, DS (2010) Vaccination deep into a pandemic wave: Potential mechanisms for a "third wave" and the impact of vaccination. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 39 (5). ISSN 0749-3797

Lee, BY and Brown, ST and Cooley, P and Potter, MA and Wheaton, WD and Voorhees, RE and Stebbins, S and Grefenstette, JJ and Zimmer, SM and Zimmerman, RK and Assi, TM and Bailey, RR and Wagener, DK and Burke, DS (2010) Simulating school closure strategies to titigate an influenza epidemic. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 16 (3). 252 - 261. ISSN 1078-4659

Lee, BY and Burke, DS (2010) Constructing target product profiles (TPPs) to help vaccines overcome post-approval obstacles. Vaccine, 28 (16). 2806 - 2809. ISSN 0264-410X

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Li, Zhihua and Kim, Sang Woo and Lin, Yuefeng and Moore, Patrick S and Chang, Yuan and John, Bino (2010) Ago-associated human usRNAs and other similar small RNAs. GENOME BIOLOGY, 11. ISSN 1474-760X


Menchetti, M and Bortolotti, B and Rucci, P and Scocco, P and Bombi, A and Berardi, D and Affatati, V and Alberini, G and Baranzini, F and Bellino, S and Bellomo, A and Blasi, T and Bogetto, F and Bortolaso, P and Callegari, C and Carpiniello, B and Colombini, N and Contu, C and Croci, G and De Salvia, M and Diurni, M and Elisei, S and Ferretti, M and Fiore, P and Fusar-Poli, P and Iuso, S and Lacalamita, A and La Ferla, T and Lia, L and Luciano, CC and Magnani, M and Manganaro, D and Martinelli, V and Martino, I and Montaguti, MB and Nespeca, C and Petito, A and Pinna, F and Piselli, M and Politi, P and Quartesan, R and Rella, A and Restaino, F and Rigatelli, M and Sciarini, P and Simoni, E and Succui, M and Tedeschini, E and Todarello, O and Vender, S and Zaccagni, L and Zizza, M and Lullini, G and Pedrini, E and D'Onghia, A and Mazza, M and Papagni, S (2010) Depression in Primary care: Interpersonal Counseling vs Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. The DEPICS Study. A multicenter randomized controlled trial. Rationale and design. BMC Psychiatry, 10.


Primack, BA and Dilmore, TC and Switzer, GE and Bryce, CL and Seltzer, DL and Li, J and Landsittel, DP and Kapoor, WN and Rubio, DM (2010) Burnout among early career clinical investigators. Clinical and Translational Science, 3 (4). 186 - 188. ISSN 1752-8054

Primack, BA and Douglas, EL and Kraemer, KL (2010) Exposure to cannabis in popular music and cannabis use among adolescents. Addiction, 105 (3). 515 - 523. ISSN 0965-2140

Primack, BA and Fertman, CI and Rice, KR and Adachi-Mejia, AM and Fine, MJ (2010) Waterpipe and Cigarette Smoking Among College Athletes in the United States. Journal of Adolescent Health, 46 (1). 45 - 51. ISSN 1054-139X

Primack, BA and Wickett, DJ and Kraemer, KL and Zickmund, S (2010) Teaching health literacy using popular television programming: A qualitative pilot study. American Journal of Health Education, 41 (3). 147 - 154. ISSN 1932-5037


Sasaki, K and Desimone, M and Rao, HR and Huang, GJ and Seethala, RR (2010) Adrenocortical carcinosarcoma: a case report and review of the literature. Diagnostic pathology, 5. 51 - ?.

Shadel, WG and Martino, SC and Haviland, A and Setodji, C and Primack, BA (2010) Smoking motives in movies are important for understanding adolescent smoking: A preliminary investigation. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 12 (8). 850 - 854. ISSN 1462-2203

Shi, P and Keskinocak, P and Swann, JL and Lee, BY (2010) The impact of mass gatherings and holiday traveling on the course of an influenza pandemic: A computational model. BMC Public Health, 10.

Simon, MA and Primack, BA and Teuteberg, J and Kormos, RL and Bermudez, C and Toyoda, Y and Shah, H and Gorcsan, J and McNamara, DM (2010) Left Ventricular Remodeling and Myocardial Recovery on Mechanical Circulatory Support. Journal of Cardiac Failure, 16 (2). 99 - 105. ISSN 1071-9164

Snyder, ME and Zillich, AJ and Primack, BA and Rice, KR and Somma McGivney, MA and Pringle, JL and Smith, RB (2010) Exploring successful community pharmacist-physician collaborative working relationships using mixed methods. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, 6 (4). 307 - 323. ISSN 1551-7411

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