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Bedognetti, D and Balwit, JM and Wang, E and Disis, ML and Britten, CM and Delogu, LG and Tomei, S and Fox, BA and Gajewski, TF and Marincola, FM and Butterfield, LH (2011) SITC/iSBTc Cancer Immunotherapy Biomarkers Resource Document: Online resources and useful tools - a compass in the land of biomarker discovery. Journal of Translational Medicine, 9 (1).

Bhatia, S and Fei, M and Yarlagadda, M and Qi, Z and Akira, S and Saijo, S and Iwakura, Y and van Rooijen, N and Gibson, GA and St. Croix, CM and Ray, A and Ray, P (2011) Rapid host defense against Aspergillus fumigatus involves alveolar macrophages with a predominance of alternatively activated phenotype. PLoS ONE, 6 (1).

Broen, Kelly and Greupink-Draaisma, Annelies and Woestenenk, Rob and Schaap, Nicolaas and Brickner, Anthony G and Dolstra, Harry (2011) Concurrent detection of circulating minor histocompatibility antigen-specific CD8+ T cells in SCT recipients by combinatorial encoding MHC multimers. PLoS One, 6 (6). e21266 - ?.

Bunyavanich, S and Melen, E and Wilk, JB and Granada, M and Soto-Quiros, ME and Avila, L and Lasky-Su, J and Hunninghake, GM and Wickman, M and Pershagen, G and O'Connor, GT and Weiss, ST and Celedn, JC (2011) Thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP) is associated with allergic rhinitis in children with asthma. Clinical and Molecular Allergy, 9.

Butterfield, LH and Potter, DM and Kirkwood, JM (2011) Multiplex serum biomarker assessments: technical and biostatistical issues. Journal of translational medicine, 9. 173 - ?.

Cooney, Craig A and Jousheghany, Fariba and Yao-Borengasser, Aiwei and Phanavanh, Bounleut and Gomes, Tina and Kieber-Emmons, Ann Marie and Siegel, Eric R and Suva, Larry J and Ferrone, Soldano and Kieber-Emmons, Thomas and Monzavi-Karbassi, Behjatolah (2011) Chondroitin sulfates play a major role in breast cancer metastasis: a role for CSPG4 and CHST11gene expression in forming surface P-selectin ligands in aggressive breast cancer cells. Breast Cancer Research, 13 (3).

Fei, Mingjian (2011) Mechanisms underlying pulmonary neutrophilia versus eosinophilia in fungal allergy. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

Fox, BA and Schendel, DJ and Butterfield, LH and Aamdal, S and Allison, JP and Ascierto, PA and Atkins, MB and Bartunkova, J and Bergmann, L and Berinstein, N and Bonorino, CC and Borden, E and Bramson, JL and Britten, CM and Cao, X and Carson, WE and Chang, AE and Characiejus, D and Raja Choudhury, A and Coukos, G and de Gruijl, T and Dillman, RO and Dolstra, H and Dranoff, G and Durrant, LG and Finke, JH and Galon, J and Gollob, JA and Gouttefangeas, C and Grizzi, F and Guida, M and Håkansson, L and Hege, K and Herberman, RB and Stephen Hodi, F and Hoos, A and Huber, C and Hwu, P and Imai, K and Jaffee, EM and Janetzki, S and June, CH and Kalinski, P and Kaufman, HL and Kawakami, K and Kawakami, Y and Keilholtz, U and Khleif, SN and Kiessling, R and Kotlan, B and Kroemer, G and Lapointe, R and Levitsky, HI and Lotze, MT and Maccalli, C and Maio, M and Marschner, JP and Mastrangelo, MJ and Masucci, G and Melero, I and Melief, C and Murphy, WJ and Nelson, B and Nicolini, A and Nishimura, MI and Odunsi, K and Ohashi, PS and O'Donnell-Tormey, J and Old, LJ and Ottensmeier, C and Papamichail, M and Parmiani, G and Pawelec, G and Proietti, E and Qin, S and Rees, R and Ribas, A and Ridolfi, R and Ritter, G and Rivoltini, L and Romero, PJ and Salem, ML and Scheper, RJ and Seliger, B and Sharma, P and Shiku, H and Singh-Jasuja, H and Song, W and Straten, PT and Tahara, H and Tian, Z and van der Burg, SH and von Hoegen, P and Wang, E and Welters, MJP and Winter, H and Withington, T and Wolchok, JD and Xiao, W and Zitvogel, L (2011) Defining the critical hurdles in cancer immunotherapy. Journal of Translational Medicine, 9 (1).

Giles, Brendan M. (2011) Development of a broadly reactive vaccine for highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

Hayashi, D and Guermazi, A and Kwoh, CK and Hannon, MJ and Moore, C and Jakicic, JM and Green, SM and Roemer, FW (2011) Semiquantitative assessment of subchondral bone marrow edema-like lesions and subchondral cysts of the knee at 3T MRI: A comparison between intermediate-weighted fat-suppressed spin echo and Dual Echo Steady State sequences. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 12.

Himmelein, Susanne and St Leger, Anthony J and Knickelbein, Jared E and Rowe, Alexander and Freeman, Michael L and Hendricks, Robert L (2011) Circulating herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1)-specific CD8+ T cells do not access HSV-1 latently infected trigeminal ganglia. Herpesviridae, 2 (1). 5 - ?.

Jiang, J and Zheng, X and Xu, X and Zhou, Q and Yan, H and Zhang, X and Lu, B and Wu, C and Ju, J (2011) Prognostic significance of miR-181b and miR-21 in gastric cancer patients treated with S-1/Oxaliplatin or Doxifluridine/Oxaliplatin. PLoS ONE, 6 (8).

Lange, NE and Zhou, X and Lasky-Su, J and Himes, BE and Lazarus, R and Soto-Quirós, M and Avila, L and Celedón, JC and Hawrylowicz, CM and Raby, BA and Litonjua, AA (2011) Comprehensive genetic assessment of a functional TLR9 promoter polymorphism: No replicable association with asthma or asthma-related phenotypes. BMC Medical Genetics, 12.

Latzka, Julia and Gaier, Sonja and Hofstetter, Gerlinde and Balazs, Nina and Smole, Ursula and Ferrone, Soldano and Scheiner, Otto and Breiteneder, Heimo and Pehamberger, Hubert and Wagner, Stefan (2011) Specificity of mimotope-induced anti-high molecular weight-melanoma associated antigen (HMW-MAA) antibodies does not ensure biological activity. PLoS One, 6 (5). e19383 - ?.

Mburu, Yvonne K. (2011) Inflammatory Mechanisms of Chemokine Receptor 7 expression in Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck (SCCHN). Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

Peterson, Alanna C. (2011) THE ROLE OF IL-17 IN THE INNATE IMMUNE RESPONSE TO OROPHARYNGEAL CANDIDIASIS. Master's Thesis, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

Su, Ee Wern (2011) TIM-3 and Galectin-9 Regulation of Effector T cell Function and Activation. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

Thomas, Louis Michael (2011) P2X7 Activation of Non-Primed Myeloid Cells Promotes the Shedding of Stimulatory Materials Within Microvesicles. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

Vallejo, AN and Hamel, DL and Mueller, RG and Ives, DG and Michel, JJ and Boudreau, RM and Newman, AB (2011) Nk-like T cells and plasma cytokines, but Not Anti-Viral serology, define immune fingerprints of resilience and mild disability in exceptional aging. PLoS ONE, 6 (10).

Xue, J and Gochuico, BR and Alawad, AS and Feghali-Bostwick, CA and Noth, I and Nathan, SD and Rosen, GD and Rosas, IO and Dacic, S and Ocak, I and Fuhrman, CR and Cuenco, KT and Smith, MA and Jacobs, SS and Zeevi, A and Morel, PA and Pilewski, JM and Valentine, VG and Gibson, KF and Kaminski, N and Sciurba, FC and Zhang, Y and Duncan, SR (2011) The HLA class II allele DRB1*1501 is over-represented in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. PLoS ONE, 6 (2).

Zinman, G and Brower-Sinning, R and Emeche, CH and Ernst, J and Huang, GTW and Mahony, S and Myers, AJ and O'Dee, DM and Flynn, JAL and Nau, GJ and Ross, TM and Salter, RD and Benos, PV and Bar Joseph, Z and Morel, PA (2011) Large scale comparison of innate responses to viral and bacterial pathogens in mouse and macaque. PLoS ONE, 6 (7).

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