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Bruse, Shannon and Petersen, Hans and Weissfeld, Joel and Picchi, Maria and Willink, Randall and Do, Kieu and Siegfried, Jill and Belinsky, Steven A and Tesfaigzi, Yohannes (2014) Increased methylation of lung cancer-associated genes in sputum DNA of former smokers with chronic mucous hypersecretion. Respiratory Research, 15 (1).

Burgess, Melissa and Puhalla, Shannon (2014) BRCA 1/2-Mutation Related and Sporadic Breast and Ovarian Cancers: More Alike than Different. Frontiers in Oncology, 4.


Chang, Y and Moore, P (2014) Twenty years of KSHV. Viruses, 6 (11). 4258 - 4264. ISSN 1999-4915

Choi, YJ and Li, H and Son, MY and Wang, XH and Fornsaglio, JL and Sobol, RW and Lee, M and Vijg, J and Imholz, S and Dollé, MET and Van Steeg, H and Reiling, E and Hasty, P (2014) Deletion of individual Ku subunits in mice causes an NHEJ-independent phenotype potentially by altering apurinic/apyrimidinic site repair. PLoS ONE, 9 (1).


Finney Rutten, Lila J and Vieux, Sana N. and St. Sauver, Jennifer and Arora, Neeraj K. and Moser, Richard P. and Beckjord, Ellen B. and Hesse, Bradford W. (2014) Patient perceptions of electronic medical records use and ratings of care quality. Patient Related Outcome Measures. 17 - 17.

Fouquerel, E and Goellner, EM and Yu, Z and Gagné, JP and de Moura, MB and Feinstein, T and Wheeler, D and Redpath, P and Li, J and Romero, G and Migaud, M and Van Houten, B and Poirier, GG and Sobol, RW (2014) ARTD1/PARP1 negatively regulates glycolysis by inhibiting hexokinase 1 independent of NAD<sup>+</sup> depletion. Cell Reports, 8 (6). 1819 - 1831.

Friel, Nicole A and Rothenberg, Adam C and Weiss, Kurt (2014) Pseudomyogenic Hemangioendothelioma of Bone Initially Managed as Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis: A Case Report. Journal of Cancer Therapy, 05 (04). 363 - 368. ISSN 2151-1934


Greco, Nicholas and Schott, Trevor and Mu, Xiaodong and Rothenberg, Adam and Voigt, Clifford and McGough, Richard L and Goodman, Mark and Huard, Johnny and Weiss, Kurt R (2014) ALDH Activity Correlates with Metastatic Potential in Primary Sarcomas of Bone. J Cancer Ther, 5 (4). 331 - 338. ISSN 2151-1934

Greenberger, JS and Berhane, H and Shinde, A and Rhieu, BH and Bernard, M and Wipf, P and Skoda, EM and Epperly, MW (2014) Can radiosensitivity associated with defects in DNA repair be overcome by mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant radioprotectors. Frontiers in Oncology, 4 MAR.

Guo, ZS and Liu, Z and Bartlett, DL (2014) Oncolytic immunotherapy: Dying the right way is a key to eliciting potent antitumor immunity. Frontiers in Oncology, 4 APR.


Leuba, SH and Carney, SM and Dahlburg, EM and Eells, RJ and Ghodke, H and Yanamala, N and Schauer, G and Klein-Seetharaman, J (2014) Early integration of the individual student in academic activities: A novel classroom concept for graduate education in molecular biophysics and structural biology. BMC Biophysics, 7 (1). ISSN 2046-1682

Liu, Y and Uttam, S and Alexandrov, S and Bista, RK (2014) Investigation of nanoscale structural alterations of cell nucleus as an early sign of cancer. BMC Biophysics, 7 (1). ISSN 2046-1682


Markovetz, MR and Corcoran, TE and Locke, LW and Myerburg, MM and Pilewski, JM and Parker, RS (2014) A physiologically-motivated compartment-based model of the effect of inhaled hypertonic saline on mucociliary clearance and liquid transport in cystic fibrosis. PLoS ONE, 9 (11).


Pancoska, P and Kirkwood, JM and Bouros, S and Spyropoulou-Vlachou, M and Pectasides, E and Tsoutsos, D and Polyzos, A and Markopoulos, C and Panagiotou, P and Castana, O and Bafaloukos, D and Fountzilas, G and Gogas, H (2014) A new mathematical model for the interpretation of translational research evaluating six CTLA-4 polymorphisms in high-risk melanoma patients receiving adjuvant interferon. PLoS ONE, 9 (1).

Parikh, RA and Wang, P and Beumer, JH and Chu, E and Appleman, LJ (2014) The potential roles of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)-MET pathway inhibitors in cancer treatment. OncoTargets and Therapy, 7. 969 - 983. ISSN 1178-6930


Thorne, SH (2014) Immunotherapeutic potential of oncolytic vaccinia virus. Frontiers in Oncology, 4 JUN.


Vargo, JA and Ferris, RL and Clump, DA and Heron, DE (2014) Stereotactic body radiotherapy as primary treatment for elderly patients with medically-inoperable head-and-neck cancer. Frontiers in Oncology, 4 JUL.


Wen, Y and Zand, B and Ozpolat, B and Szczepanski, MJ and Lu, C and Yuca, E and Carroll, AR and Alpay, N and Bartholomeusz, C and Tekedereli, I and Kang, Y and Rupaimoole, R and Pecot, CV and Dalton, HJ and Hernandez, A and Lokshin, A and Lutgendorf, SK and Liu, J and Hittelman, WN and Chen, WY and Lopez-Berestein, G and Szajnik, M and Ueno, NT and Coleman, RL and Sood, AK (2014) Antagonism of Tumoral Prolactin Receptor Promotes Autophagy-Related Cell Death. Cell Reports, 7 (2). 488 - 500.

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