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Apetrei, C and Pandrea, I and Mellors, JW (2012) Nonhuman Primate Models for HIV Cure Research. PLoS Pathogens, 8 (8). ISSN 1553-7366


Barbi de Moura, M and Vincent, G and Fayewicz, SL and Bateman, NW and Hood, BL and Sun, M and Suhan, J and Duensing, S and Yin, Y and Sander, C and Kirkwood, JM and Becker, D and Conrads, TP and van Houten, B and Moschos, SJ (2012) Mitochondrial respiration - an important therapeutic target in melanoma. PLoS ONE, 7 (8).

Bhattacharya, C and Wang, X and Becker, D (2012) The DEAD/DEAH box helicase, DDX11, is essential for the survival of advanced melanomas. Molecular Cancer, 11.


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Cassino, TR and Drowley, L and Okada, M and Beckman, SA and Keller, B and Tobita, K and Leduc, PR and Huard, J (2012) Mechanical loading of stem cells for improvement of transplantation outcome in a model of acute myocardial infarction: The role of loading history. Tissue Engineering - Part A, 18 (11-12). 1101 - 1108. ISSN 1937-3341


Empey, KM and Orend, JG and Peebles, RS and Egaña, L and Norris, KA and Oury, TD and Kolls, JK (2012) Stimulation of immature lung macrophages with intranasal interferon gamma in a novel neonatal mouse model of respiratory syncytial virus infection. PLoS ONE, 7 (7).


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Ho, J and de Moura, MB and Lin, Y and Vincent, G and Thorne, S and Duncan, LM and Hui-Min, L and Kirkwood, JM and Becker, D and Van Houten, B and Moschos, SJ (2012) Importance of glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation in advanced melanoma. Molecular Cancer, 11.


Isin, B and Estiu, G and Wiest, O and Oltvai, ZN (2012) Identifying Ligand Binding Conformations of the β2-Adrenergic Receptor by Using Its Agonists as Computational Probes. PLoS ONE, 7 (12).

Ismail, N and Walker, DH and Ghose, P and Tang, YW (2012) Immune Mediators of protective and pathogenic immune responses in patients with mild and fatal human monocytotropic ehrlichiosis. BMC Immunology, 13.


Kofler, J and Lopresti, B and Janssen, C and Trichel, AM and Masliah, E and Finn, OJ and Salter, RD and Murdoch, GH and Mathis, CA and Wiley, CA (2012) Preventive immunization of aged and juvenile non-human primates to beta-amyloid. Journal of Neuroinflammation, 9.


LaFramboise, WA and Dhir, R and Kelly, LA and Petrosko, P and Krill-Burger, JM and Sciulli, CM and Lyons-Weiler, MA and Chandran, UR and Lomakin, A and Masterson, RV and Marroquin, OC and Mulukutla, SR and McNamara, DM (2012) Serum protein profiles predict coronary artery disease in symptomatic patients referred for coronary angiography. BMC Medicine, 10.

Li, Y and Pal, R and Sung, LY and Feng, H and Miao, W and Cheng, SY and Tian, C and Cheng, T (2012) An Opposite Effect of the CDK Inhibitor, p18<sup>INK4c</sup> on Embryonic Stem Cells Compared with Tumor and Adult Stem Cells. PLoS ONE, 7 (9).


Mizuguchi, Y and Specht, S and Lunz, JG and Isse, K and Corbitt, N and Takizawa, T and Demetris, AJ (2012) Cooperation of p300 and PCAF in the control of microRNA 200c/141 transcription and epithelial characteristics. PLoS ONE, 7 (2).

Mizuguchi, Y and Specht, S and Lunz, JG and Isse, K and Corbitt, N and Takizawa, T and Demetris, AJ (2012) SPRR2A enhances p53 deacetylation through HDAC1 and down regulates p21 promoter activity. BMC Molecular Biology, 13.


Naryshkin, Sonya and Austin, R Marshall (2012) Limitations of widely used high-risk human papillomavirus laboratory-developed testing in cervical cancer screening. Drug Healthc Patient Saf, 4. 167 - 172.


Pace, E and Ferraro, M and Minervini, MI and Vitulo, P and Pipitone, L and Chiappara, G and Siena, L and Montalbano, AM and Johnson, M and Gjomarkaj, M (2012) Beta defensin-2 is reduced in central but not in distal airways of smoker COPD patients. PLoS ONE, 7 (3).

Pastrana, DV and Brennan, DC and Çuburu, N and Storch, GA and Viscidi, RP and Randhawa, PS and Buck, CB (2012) Neutralization serotyping of BK polyomavirus infection in kidney transplant recipients. PLoS Pathogens, 8 (4). ISSN 1553-7366


Rhoads, DD and Cox, SB and Rees, EJ and Sun, Y and Wolcott, RD (2012) Clinical identification of bacteria in human chronic wound infections: Culturing vs. 16S ribosomal DNA sequencing. BMC Infectious Diseases, 12.

Roy, S and Smith, MA and Cieply, KM and Acquafondata, MB and Parwani, AV (2012) Primary bladder adenocarcinoma versus metastatic colorectal adenocarcinoma: a persisting diagnostic challenge. Diagnostic Pathology, 7 (1).

Ruiz, XD and Mlakar, LR and Yamaguchi, Y and Su, Y and Larregina, AT and Pilewski, JM and Feghali-Bostwick, CA (2012) Syndecan-2 is a novel target of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 and is over-expressed in fibrosis. PLoS ONE, 7 (8).


Satish, L and Laframboise, WA and Johnson, S and Vi, L and Njarlangattil, A and Raykha, C and Krill-Burger, JM and Gallo, PH and O'Gorman, DB and Gan, BS and Baratz, ME and Ehrlich, GD and Kathju, S (2012) Fibroblasts from phenotypically normal palmar fascia exhibit molecular profiles highly similar to fibroblasts from active disease in Dupuytren's Contracture. BMC Medical Genomics, 5.

Sun, J and Sun, Q and Brown, MF and Dudgeon, C and Chandler, J and Xu, X and Shu, Y and Zhang, L and Yu, J (2012) The multi-targeted kinase inhibitor sunitinib induces apoptosis in colon cancer cells via PUMA. PLoS ONE, 7 (8).


Vomaske, Jennifer and Clepper, Lisa and Douglas, Janet and Pantanowitz, Liron and Fruh, Klaus and Moses, Ashlee V (2012) KSHV infection of endothelial cells manipulates CXCR7-mediated signaling: implications for Kaposi’s Sarcoma progression and intervention. Infectious Agents and Cancer, 7 (S1).


Wu, Q and Dhir, R and Wells, A (2012) Altered CXCR3 isoform expression regulates prostate cancer cell migration and invasion. Molecular Cancer, 11.


Yates-Binder, CC and Rodgers, M and Jaynes, J and Wells, A and Bodnar, RJ and Turner, T (2012) An IP-10 (CXCL10)-derived peptide inhibits angiogenesis. PLoS ONE, 7 (7).


Zhu, LL and Cao, J and Sun, M and Yuen, T and Zhou, R and Li, J and Peng, Y and Moonga, SS and Guo, L and Mechanick, JI and Iqbal, J and Peng, L and Blair, HC and Bian, Z and Zaidi, M (2012) Vitamin C Prevents Hypogonadal Bone Loss. PLoS ONE, 7 (10).

Zhu, Y and Colak, T and Shenoy, M and Liu, L and Mehta, K and Pai, R and Zou, B and Xie, XS and Pasricha, PJ (2012) Transforming growth factor beta induces sensory neuronal hyperexcitability, and contributes to pancreatic pain and hyperalgesia in rats with chronic pancreatitis. Molecular Pain, 8.

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